🏕️ AirCamp 🏕️

I started my web development journey with the AirCamp project. Most of the technologies I used in this project were relatively new when building AirCamp.

AirCamp allows users to post, review and advertise campgrounds across the globe. Users are encouraged to sign up and log in to access all features.

Please check out the sections below for comprehensive information about the website.

⚙️ Features ⚙️
🛠️ Technologies 🛠️

📽️ GIF 📽️

📸 Screenshots 📸

1️⃣ AirCamp Homepage
2️⃣ All Campgrounds View
3️⃣ Login Page
4️⃣ Show Page
5️⃣ Show Page for Current User
6️⃣ New Campground